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1099 Colonial Fort Drive
Montvale, Virginia 24122

Many changes have taken place with more to come!

Over the past couple years our world has been changed and turned upside down in many instances.  From family and friend interactions to some businesses finding success and many others finding hardships and even failures.  We at Bio-Medic are greatly appreciative of the support you all have shown us in this time of great change and challenge.  Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher, is quoted as saying “change is the only constant in life.”  That has certainly been true!  While we all continue to navigate this ever-changing environment, I would like to let you all know what we are doing at Bio-Medic to help with this and to provide as much calmness as possible in this turbulent time. 

  1. No more auto attendant phone answering.  We recognize that your time is very valuable. You no longer need to go through and wait to speak to someone.  Every time you call during business hours you will be speaking to a live person who will be able to help immediately.
  2. Dedicated account representative.  It seems that the supply chain and product availability is not getting any better. In fact, in many instances, it is getting worse.  By having a dedicated account representative, they know you and your business and can keep you up to date on inventory levels, estimated dates on inbound stock, and quality alternative products.
  3. Prices.  This is a big one.  Price changes have been almost constant the past two years and change daily.  We are working with our vendor partners to increase stock levels. This will help keep backorders to an absolute minimum, keep pricing as level as possible, and in some instances, you will see price decreases.  This month we have been able to offer a significant price DECREASE in our medical exam gloves!  We hope to lower prices even more in the near future.
  4. Quality alternative products.  In this challenging time, we have expanded our product lines to offer quality products at different price points to meet all your needs.
  5. Communication is Key!  We have implemented procedures behind the scenes to better keep you informed.  If you are like us, you know that many things now a days are beyond our control but being informed is not one of them.  It has been said knowledge is power.  But let me go a step further. Knowledge is power when acted upon. Product availability can be very slim at times if you don’t know you are not getting a product you can’t seek alternatives.  At the very least you should know if you are going to get the items ordered or not.  By being as transparent as possible we may lose a few sales, but we hope to gain your trust that when we say something we mean it.

We greatly appreciate you partnering with us to serve the communities you live and work in and look forward to our continued partnership!  If we can be of any additional service to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

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