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Gloves. They’re all the same Right?

Right now there seems to be an abundance of companies trying to offload their surplus gloves. Many are offering unbelievable prices. You might ask how can one glove be so much cheaper than another glove? There may be many reasons why. Here are a few things to consider when evaluating a glove.

  1. Manufacturer – Over the past few years there have been many “Pop-up” glove companies. People have seen an opportunity to get in on the action of selling gloves to make a quick buck. We have had countless companies contact us to sell their gloves. Having been in the industry for over 30 years we know most of the reputable manufacturers out there. Many of these “Pop-up” companies will not be around when they have dumped their inventory. If you have a problem with your gloves, who will you turn to? How do you know that the gloves they are suppling meet the stringent requirements for a medical grade glove as set forth by the FDA? Are you willing to roll the dice on the safety of your staff and patients? The gloves we sell are all from reputable companies that have been manufacturing gloves for many years. They stand by their products and will be around to back that up!
  2. Are your gloves Medical grade? – Prices on everything are CRAZY! Reimbursement hasn’t kept up with the increased cost. We are all trying to find ways to save money. Many out there are selling gloves at prices that just seem too good to be true. How can they do that? In addition to the “Pop-up” companies wanting to dump their stock many are selling gloves into industries where those gloves are not approved. Being in the healthcare industry using just any glove will not work. Industrial gloves are cheaper for a reason. They don’t go through the approval process that gloves in the medical industry need to go through. Medical grade gloves have very strict testing requirements they need to pass and therefore do cost more. Are you using a quality medical grade glove? Ask us about our medical grade gloves!
  3. Quantity – For many years the industry standard has been 10 boxes of 100 gloves in a case. Now there are many more options. Many cases still come with 10 boxes but with advances in packaging manufacturers have been able to put 150, 200, and even 300 gloves in a box with minimal size increases in the boxes. Typically the more gloves you can fit in a box the lower price per glove. A couple things to be on the lookout for if you do decide to go to higher quantity gloves boxes. First, The boxes may not fit into your glove box holders. Ask about the actual size of the box to make sure they will fit. Second, Just because the glove is from the same manufacturer as the standard 100 count boxes don’t assume the glove is the same. Many times the only way to get that many gloves in a box is to slightly alter the glove. This doesn’t mean the glove won’t perform well but it may be a good idea to get some samples.
  4. Inventory – Overall we have seen a decent decline in prices since the height of the pandemic. Some stock comes in a one price while other stock come in at another. As manufacturers and distributors move through their inventory, pricing will continue to change. Check back with your supplier often to get current prices. One month your regular supplier may be higher but as they move through the inventory the next month they may be lower.

If you have any questions about gloves we offer please don’t hesitate to contact us. We strive to provide as much information and transparency as possible so that you can make the best decisions for your business.

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