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  • Monkeypox.  What Should I Know?

    Monkeypox. What Should I Know?

    Many people may not be aware of what Monkeypox is, the symptoms, and how it spreads. Here is a great post by Gojo, the makers of Purell with lots of information including how to prevent it. What is Monkeypox? And should I be Concerned?

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  • Price Changes

    As we are all accustomed to right now, Prices are constantly changing in every aspect of our life and business. We have just been notified of a small price increase from First Quality. They make the Prevail, Nu-Fit, and ProCare lines among other brands. The biggest product categories to get these small increases are wet…

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  • Gloves.  They’re all the same Right?

    Gloves. They’re all the same Right?

    Right now there seems to be an abundance of companies trying to offload their surplus gloves. Many are offering unbelievable prices. You might ask how can one glove be so much cheaper than another glove? There may be many reasons why. Here are a few things to consider when evaluating a glove. Manufacturer – Over…

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  • Many changes have taken place with more to come!

    Over the past couple years our world has been changed and turned upside down in many instances.  From family and friend interactions to some businesses finding success and many others finding hardships and even failures.  We at Bio-Medic are greatly appreciative of the support you all have shown us in this time of great change…

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  • Shipping Policy Change

    Over the past year we have seen price increases or increased shipping fees from every manufacturer. We have been able to absorb some of this cost and only pass on a minimal amount. In order to keep our prices as low as possible we need to make a change to our shipping policy. Beginning January…

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  • Confirm price at time of order

    The last post in June was about price increases. Since then things have not gotten any better. Almost weekly we are getting price increases due to raw materials and freight costs. Freight costs have skyrocketed. See below for information shared by Drive Medical, One of our vendor partners. We try to give as much notice…

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  • Manufacturer price increases

    Prices continue to increase throughout every industry and the healthcare industry is not exempt. Raw materials, personnel, and shipping costs have all contributed to increases we are seeing. We have just been notified by several manufacturers that price increases will go into effect July 1st. Our janitorial supplier also notified us that in addition to…

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  • Allocation limits lifted

        For about a year now many high demand items like masks, disinfectants, hand sanitizers, gloves, and other PPE products have been strictly on limited allocation.  Over the past few months we have seen the supply chain and manufacturing capacity improve tremendously.  It has truly been an unprecedented time in the medical supply industry.  Our Vendor…

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  • Beware of medical exam glove scams

    We received an email from one of our glove partners last week. In this unprecedented time there are some who are willing to take advantage of people and businesses. We have seen it even with our own customers. Know who you are working with! Below is the body of the email. In recent weeks there…

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  • Washing your facemask

    This is a great link on the importance of having a clean facemask. Besides COVID-19 contaminating the mask there are tons of other viruses and bacteria that can weaken your overall heath when you wear a dirty mask.

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