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Welcome to Bio-Medic Health Services Located in the Heart of the Blue Ridge

Over the next several months we will be implementing a new online account management and ordering system to help us serve you better. During that time online account access will not be available. We apologize for this inconvenience but we are sure you will be happy with what is to come!

Our Mission

To support the Homecare and Long Term Care market by streamlining the procurement process. We do this by consulting with our customer partners in finding out their needs and challenges and providing solutions for those.

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  • Monkeypox.  What Should I Know?

    Monkeypox. What Should I Know?

    Many people may not be aware of what Monkeypox is, the symptoms, and how it spreads. Here is a great post by Gojo, the makers of Purell with lots of information including how to prevent it. What is Monkeypox? And should I be Concerned?

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  • Price Changes

    As we are all accustomed to right now, Prices are constantly changing in every aspect of our life and business. We have just been notified of a small price increase from First Quality. They make the Prevail, Nu-Fit, and ProCare lines among other brands. The biggest product categories to get these small increases are wet…

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